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Drop spot modifications

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We are getting complaints from most users regarding the new implementation of the drop spot. Users do not like how the drop spot always stays open on their desktop, how they cannot move it, and how it is not obvious how to close it. Would it be possible to perhaps have an administrator option to have the new separate drop spot or the old one which was part of the browser interface?

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the new dropspot implementation derives from pressing requests from our users base, so it is not possible to revert back to the old one. What we could do in a next release would be to draw a small red button to close the window.

This new implementations is better than the old one since many customers didn't like to have to rezize and move the browser windows in order to drag&drop desktop files.

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Comment by M. Scalia of January 9, 2012
Thank you. However, I'm not saying that you should remove the current implementation of the dropspot, but that there should also be an option to use the old version as the current version confuses many of our users. The drop spot ends up somewhere on a different monitor behind another window and they can't find it, or they have to minimize the logicalDOC browser window to find the drop spot and then forget which folder they're clicked on in logicalDOC and can't find the file they uploaded.

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Comment by M. Meschieri of January 9, 2012
Hi Mike,

in the last 6.3.3 released today, we added a close button(red square) in the drop spot. The old implementation is gone, but we can continue upgrading the actual one as you suggested.


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Comment by M. Scalia of January 11, 2012
Thank you. The ability to close the Dropspot window is an improvement. However, we're running into other issues. Some users have multiple tabs/windows open with different LogicalDOC sessions, each in a different set of folders. If the user wants to use the dropspot for more than one window it opens up multiple dropspots, but there is no way of telling which dropspot belongs to which tab/window/folder. They also end up all on top of each other and cannot be moved. This is another reason it would be helpful to have the dropspot within the browser. There is also an issue where, if two dropspots are open, each for a different window/tab/folder, and that tab is then closed, both dropspots remain open until the second tab is also closed. These issues are causing a lot of confusion.



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You have a new config. parameter gui.dropspot.mode wirh 2 possible values:
default -> Actual behaviour
embedded -> Old behaviour

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