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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#224 Subscriptions and Notifications support new feature major 6.5 Android App
#236 Folder creation from mobile devices improvement major Android App
#852 LogicalDOC Android App: Bug on Ext. Properties - INTEGER bug trivial Android App
#915 Outlook Addin new message bug major Android App
#1030 LogicalDOC Android app issues bug major Android App
#1043 The Upload function does not work on Android App bug major Android App
#1069 Add android module to the Community edition bug minor Android App
#1184 Deletion of Alias deletes original document too bug minor 8.8.4 Android App
#1150 Configuration parameter to enable or disable the editing of the notes/annotations wish minor 8.8.1 Annotations
#1262 Add notes on past versions of a document improvement minor 8.9.3 Annotations
#211 Templates for email messages car031 new feature minor 6.5 Auditing
#234 Profiled event notification new feature major 6.6 Auditing
#554 incorporation of multiple notifications in a single email improvement minor 7.2.1 Auditing
#1046 Recording of folder alias creations improvement minor 8.5.2 Auditing
#1070 Custom Message Template for notification for subscription event improvement trivial 8.7.2 Auditing
#1140 Notify users with internal message also when a document has been created or checked-in improvement minor 8.7.4 Auditing
#876 Single sign-on(SSO) via CAS new feature major 8.1 Authentication
#898 Deletion of user group data bug critical Authentication
#911 Access denied bug major Authentication
#1122 Two factors authentication through login key sent by email new feature minor 8.7.2 Authentication
#1190 New YubiKey5 API improvement minor 8.8.4 Authentication
#901 Ability to launch an automation routine from an automation script (AutomationTool) improvement minor 8.1.1 Automation
#940 Enable the call of automation routines inside CustomID/AutoNaming/AutoFolding schemes improvement minor 8.2.2 Automation
#964 Deprecated method DocTool.createPath(Document doc, String targetPath) in favour of createPath(Document doc, String targetPath, Strin username)) task minor 8.3.2 Automation
#965 Added method DocTool.delete(long docId) improvement trivial 8.3.2 Automation
#966 Start a workflow from automation improvement minor 8.3.2 Automation
#970 Added method DocTool.getHistories(long docId, String event) improvement minor 8.3.3 Automation
#972 Automation editor with code completion and graphical highlights improvement major 8.3.3 Automation
#973 Added methods $DocTool.lock() and $DocTool.unlock() improvement minor 8.3.3 Automation
#984 Download tickets generated by the automation are not valid bug minor 8.3.4 Automation
#1002 Automation Executor scheduled task to schedule the execution of an Automation procedure new feature minor 8.4.1 Automation
#1005 Automation routines can be associated to a template in order to define input values improvement major 8.4.1 Automation
#1033 Merging capabilities from inside the Automation improvement minor 8.5.1 Automation
#1036 Additional FolderTool methods improvement trivial 8.5.1 Automation
#1060 WebsocketTool: new tool to interact with the user interface from within the Automation improvement minor 8.6 Automation
#1131 Changed the signature of automation method FolderTool.copy task trivial 8.7.3 Automation
#1145 Time driven automation triggers improvement major 8.8 Automation
#1170 System-wide dictionary for Automation(variable $systemDictionary) improvement minor 8.8.4 Automation
#1187 Attachments in .eml (email file) can sometimes not be extracted bug minor Automation
#1209 Security policies on automation routines improvement major 8.8.6 Automation
#147 Barcode processed only on documents without template car031 bug major 6.3.3 Barcode
#233 Barcode processor exits with errors bug major 6.5.1 Barcode
#888 Inclusion and exclusion filters in barcode recognition patterns improvement minor 8.1 Barcode
#889 Creation of BarcodeTool class to simplify barcode handling from inside the Automation improvement minor 8.1 Barcode
#1068 Zonal barcode recognition improvement major 8.6 Barcode
#1216 Refreshing the barcode queue doesn't work bug minor 8.8.6 Barcode
#1218 Upgrade barcode recognition libraries task major 8.9 Barcode
#1127 more full branding options (head, top, bottom, footer) improvement minor 8.7.3 Branding
#237 Implementation of the CMIS 1.0 AtomPub protocol new feature major 6.5.2 CMIS
#398 Handle template and extended attributes through CMIS interface bug minor 6.8.2 CMIS
#401 Implementation of CMIS method getObjectByPath new feature trivial 6.8.2 CMIS
#450 LibreOffice CMIS compliance improvement trivial 7.1 CMIS
#508 Using CMIS, extended properties of type "Decimal" are not transfered to the client bug minor 7.1.3 CMIS
#579 Unexisting paths not handled in getObjectByPath method bug minor 7.3 CMIS
#782 Make CMIS MAX ITEMS configurable improvement minor 7.7 CMIS
#858 CMIS query - how to search for document content bug minor 7.7.5 CMIS
#923 Ability to update document properties via CMIS during checkin improvement minor 8.2.1 CMIS
#1202 Chunked upload in CMIS improvement minor 8.8.5 CMIS
#287 Calendar System new feature major 6.7 Calendar
#372 Possibility to add new documents to existing Calendar Event improvement minor 6.8.1 Calendar
#444 Notification emails improvement minor 7.4.1 Calendar
#445 calendar events (remove when document is deleted) improvement minor Calendar
#486 Calendar Date Format in english US improvement minor 7.1.2 Calendar
#574 Calendar Event History Tracking Issue - Alias Copy bug minor 7.3 Calendar
#861 Ability to add a group to calendar notifications improvement minor 8.0.1 Calendar
#1105 Handle multiple calendar event reminders improvement minor 8.7.1 Calendar
#1144 Define an automation routine in reaction to calendar event reminders improvement minor 8.8 Calendar
#1136 Distributed storage among the Cluster nodes new feature major 8.7.4 Clustering
#944 Configurable comparation engine new feature major 8.3 Comparison
#945 Implementation of a comparator that uses Workshare new feature minor 8.3 Comparison
#141 Default template and metadata for each Folder car031 new feature minor 6.4 Core
#146 Multi Workspace new feature major 6.4 Core
#153 Exception when downloading an alias car031 bug major 6.3.3 Core
#170 Permanent Download Link car031 new feature minor 6.3.4 Core
#176 Access Denied foillowing upgrades to 6.3.4 bug blocker Core
#179 Pdf generated correctly but not downloaded bug minor 6.3.5 Core
#187 Brute force attack prevention new feature major 7.6.2 Core
#188 Black/White lists of IPs car031 new feature minor 6.5 Core
#189 HTML formatting when sending documents in emails improvement minor 6.4 Core
#196 Clustering new feature major 6.5 Core
#208 Quota computation is too slow bug major 6.4.1 Core
#215 replace commons logging with slf4j wish minor 6.5 Core
#222 Lookup table for extended attribute options improvement minor 7.1 Core
#226 Statistics not working after 6.4.2 update Blucecio bug minor Core
#227 Upgrade MSSQL driver jTDS task minor 6.5 Core
#229 Upgrade POI to the latest 3.8 task minor 6.6 Core
#242 HTTPS support in DropSpot and ScanApplet improvement major 6.5.1 Core
#247 Options 'case sensitive' and 'search for aliases' in parametric search bug minor 6.5.2 Core
#257 User data type for extended attribute car031 improvement major 6.6 Core
#260 Improved performance of massive folders deletions improvement minor 6.6 Core
#261 Email subscriptions to all folder's tree car031 improvement major 6.6 Core
#262 Non-admin users have problems accessing to webdav bug major 6.5.2 Core
#264 Support for the Swedish language improvement minor 6.6 Core
#270 Print a selection of documents into a single PDF car031 new feature minor 6.6.1 Core
#271 Decouple core API from WebServices API car031 task major 6.7 Core
#274 New extended attribute type: Boolean car031 improvement minor 6.6.1 Core
#278 Wrong pages order in preview bug minor 6.6.1 Core
#279 Send to export achive a folders tree improvement minor 6.6.1 Core
#281 Avoid inconsistencies between day-of-week and day-of-month improvement minor 6.6.2 Core
#286 Notify users on adding note improvement minor 7.1 Core
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