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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#176 Access Denied foillowing upgrades to 6.3.4 bug blocker Core
#808 urgent loading error Radwa bug blocker Core
#990 Wordpress bug blocker Wordpress
#420 LogicalDOC mobile app doesn't work on IOS 7.1 fulger59 bug critical iPad and iPhone App
#482 Sync destroys file content when uploading/modifying via LogicalDOC Helpdesk bug critical Sync
#898 Deletion of user group data bug critical Authentication
#951 Issue with downloading and previewing documents bug critical Documentation
#1241 Security policies at document level new feature critical 8.9.1 Security
#138 Tags are taken over too soon during type in Blucecio bug major 6.3.3 User Interface
#139 Workflow transition effects effects improvement major 6.4 Workflow
#146 Multi Workspace new feature major 6.4 Core
#147 Barcode processed only on documents without template car031 bug major 6.3.3 Barcode
#153 Exception when downloading an alias car031 bug major 6.3.3 Core
#154 Workflow - assign task to user groups improvement major 6.6 Workflow
#161 Search in folder and sub-folders (more than one level) improvement major 6.3.3 Search Engine
#177 My document import client not working on v6.3.4 bug major Web Services
#185 Content in Folders disappeared bug major User Interface
#186 Connection unlinked after scroll bug major 6.3.5 Workflow
#187 Brute force attack prevention new feature major 7.6.2 Core
#196 Clustering new feature major 6.5 Core
#208 Quota computation is too slow bug major 6.4.1 Core
#224 Subscriptions and Notifications support new feature major 6.5 Android App
#230 Web setup broken at the final step bug major 6.5.1 Installer
#233 Barcode processor exits with errors bug major 6.5.1 Barcode
#234 Profiled event notification new feature major 6.6 Auditing
#235 Connection through WebDAV shows empty folder bug major 6.5.1 WebDAV
#236 Folder creation from mobile devices improvement major Android App
#237 Implementation of the CMIS 1.0 AtomPub protocol new feature major 6.5.2 CMIS
#242 HTTPS support in DropSpot and ScanApplet improvement major 6.5.1 Core
#250 export to zip issue bug major 6.5.2 Import / Export
#255 Customizable User Dashboard new feature major 6.6 User Interface
#257 User data type for extended attribute car031 improvement major 6.6 Core
#261 Email subscriptions to all folder's tree car031 improvement major 6.6 Core
#262 Non-admin users have problems accessing to webdav bug major 6.5.2 Core
#263 Upgrade Flexpaper to latest release task major 6.6 User Interface
#266 Optimize the requests of the Office Add-in improvement major Office Addin
#271 Decouple core API from WebServices API car031 task major 6.7 Core
#287 Calendar System new feature major 6.7 Calendar
#290 Folder alias car031 new feature major 7.5 Core
#291 Import folders: avoid duplicated entries and load lastModified and creation date car031 improvement major 6.6.2 Import / Export
#298 Google Docs integration and on-line editing new feature major 6.7 Google Drive
#304 Pause cpu-intensive jobs if the CPU is overloaded new feature major 6.7.1 Core
#306 Metadata editing at checkin time improvement major 6.7.1 Core
#309 Voting crashes LogicalDoc Outlook Add-in bug major 6.7.1 Outlook Addin
#313 Blank metadata for aliases during search bug major 6.7.2 Core
#319 Email contacts address book new feature major 6.8 Core
#320 CIFS protocol implementation new feature major 6.8 Core
#335 FTP protocol support new feature major 6.8 Core
#341 Date formatting for English-UK and english-AU improvement major 6.8 User Interface
#346 Execute scripts in workflow task object car031 new feature major 7.5.1 Workflow
#347 Sync moves files to trash if locally modified bug major Sync
#348 Sync doesn't sync items restored from trash until they are modified bug major Sync
#349 Sync not syncing document changes made on server side bug major Sync
#368 Error message on date change in metadata editor Blucecio bug major 6.8.1 Office Addin
#369 Applets signed with a valid certificate task major 6.8.1 User Interface
#378 Search results should be sorted by rank (descending order) improvement major 6.8.1 Core
#381 Error saving a new document in LogicalDOC Blucecio bug major Office Addin
#390 Support for Zonal OCR car031 improvement major OCR
#407 Ability to move documents into folders without write access bug major 6.8.3 Core
#411 Preview shows the first page only bug major 6.8.3 User Interface
#421 Multi Tenant new feature major 7.0 Core
#429 Dropbox integration new feature major 7.0 Core
#446 Preview and PDF conversion for CAD drawings new feature major 7.1 Core
#448 Search bar disappears in iphone app Blucecio bug major iPad and iPhone App
#460 Check the ID of the remote folder bug major Sync
#471 Registration information can be modified by any browser to http://logicaldoc.installation/license.jsp bug major 7.1.1 Core
#474 Server-side digital signature compliant with X.509 standard new feature major 7.1.2 Core
#481 Sync does not update files that create temp working files when editing bug major Sync
#492 Calendar gets corrupted by high event frequency bug major 7.1.2 Core
#525 Ability to set quota on workspaces car031 new feature major 7.4.3 Core
#527 Content annotations new feature major 7.2 Core
#543 Archiving capabilities new feature major 7.2 Core
#545 Configurable retention policies new feature major 7.2 Core
#546 Ability to install updates of Addin on top of old version blucecio improvement major Office Addin
#570 Stamp new feature major 7.3 Core
#578 Form Management new feature major 7.3 Core
#594 Complete and Customizable Reporting system car031 new feature major 7.4 Core
#605 Update GWT and SmartGWT task major 7.4.1 User Interface
#614 Support for locking in WebDAV protocol improvement major 7.4.1 WebDAV
#615 Dedicated web interface for Mobile devices new feature major 7.4.1 User Interface
#616 No program options appear for opening documents in iPad/iPhone App. Blucecio bug major iPad and iPhone App
#618 Auto folding on the basis of the document's metadata new feature major 7.4.2 Core
#619 Full HTML5 preview improvement major 7.4.2 User Interface
#621 Hot-Folder 1.4.3 can not connect to logicaldoc 7.4-7.4.1 bug major Core
#626 Workflow does not start from the beginning bug major 7.4.3 Workflow
#654 Stamp Reversing bug major 7.4.3 Stamp
#676 REST implementation of web services new feature major 7.5 Web Services
#680 iPhone app issues creating Text File Bug major Mobile (iOS)
#681 iPhone app cannot upload Photo Bug major iPad and iPhone App
#687 Reusable custom attribute sets new feature major 7.5 Core
#688 Removed support for Java7 deprecation major 7.5 Core
#706 Zoho integration Import/Export/Editing car031 new feature major 7.5.2 Zoho
#707 PDF Signing new feature major 7.7.2 Digital Signature
#708 Ability to insert images into a document via office addin wish major Office Addin
#709 Office Addin edit properties validation error bug major Office Addin
#713 Compatibility with Firefox 48 improvement major 7.5.2 User Interface
#726 Customizable assignment of storage repository to Worspace new feature major 7.6 Core
#729 Greek localization new feature major 7.5.4 Core
#744 Cannot view older document versions on iphone bug major iPad and iPhone App
#745 Protect documents with a password for an additional security level new feature major 7.6.1 Core
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