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#154 Workflow - assign task to user groups improvement major Workflow 6.3.2
#234 Profiled event notification new feature major Auditing 6.5
#255 Customizable User Dashboard new feature major User Interface 6.5.1
#257 User data type for extended attribute car031 improvement major Core 6.5.1
#261 Email subscriptions to all folder's tree car031 improvement major Core 6.5.1
#263 Upgrade Flexpaper to latest release task major User Interface
#229 Upgrade POI to the latest 3.8 task minor Core 6.5
#231 Upgrade GTW-upload to latest 0.6.4 task minor User Interface 6.5
#260 Improved performance of massive folders deletions improvement minor Core 6.5.1
#264 Support for the Swedish language improvement minor Core
#253 Configurable timeout for webservice clients improvement trivial Web Services 6.5.1
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